Q: What is this wiki for?

A: It is a wiki made for the staff of all three Creepypasta Network Wikis. You can find a staff listing for the individual wikis here.

Q: Can I be an admin here?

A: Are you an admin on Creepypasta, Spinpasta, or Trollpasta wikis? If not, no. If so, you retain all of your rights from said wikis.

Q: Can I be a bureaucrat here?

A: See the previous question.

Q: How can I contact the staff?

A: By using the individual message walls for each of the administrators here. If you are appealing a block, use the Block Appeal Wall.

Q: Can admins cross wikis to handle blocks, deletions, or otherwise?

A: Not generally. They can state their opinion or investigate, but they can't do anything about the block/deletion/other thing itself.
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