All General Conduct Rules from the main network wikis, as well as the Wikia Terms of Use, apply here.

Other than that, the rules are fairly simple:

  1. Do not post story articles on this wiki. If you would like, posting it for constructive criticism in a blog post is fine, but only in certain circumstances, and even that is limited.
  2. Do not ask about rights or promotions. There are a ton of staff on this wiki, and whereas they are busy, they can take care of it. If you want rights here, work hard and apply on the Main Network Wikis.
  3. Make sure your contributions are valid. We may not have badges or an independent rights system, but nonetheless, pointsgaming is not tolerated here.
  4. Wait your turn. Keep in mind that the staff are busy on their respective wikis; your pastebin article for deletion appeal and your block are not going anywhere before we get to it.
  5. Once an appeal is finalized and denied, do not appeal again. Appeals made here are final.
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