• We're going to try and bring this wiki back up. Meanwhile, can you highlight the names of the CP admins (and Guy's name in red) in Dark Blue/Pink/Lavender/some other color. I can't access the CSS editor very well on my phone.

    On that note, I will be sending a request to staff to get the ability to remove crat rights on this wiki, so that we can properly update user rights.

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    • I was thinking about these colors for admins on the wiki

      Red - CPW Bureaucrats

      Grey (unless if the background changes, then black) - CPW admins

      Blue - TPW Bureaucrats

      White - TPW Admins

      Orange - SPW bureaucrats

      Yellow - SPW admins

      Salmon - Bureaucrat on all wikis

      Tomato - Admin on all wikis

      Blue - Bureaucrat on two wiki's

      Brown - Admin on two wiki's

      and more to come.

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