Princess Callie

aka Pawsy Lil' Seiko

Net. B'crat Net. Sysop
  • I live in in my own little world. ;3
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is being cuter than you. :P
  • I am Female
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Welcome to my profile, {{USERNAME}}
To put myself simply, I'm just a person who enjoys writing... Writing super sadistic, or scary, or other psychologically affecting stories. You may know me as an administrator on the Spinpasta Wiki, or not at all :P
I am going to try to be active here as well, but I may not have the time to do a lot of editing. The Spinpasta Wiki is still in the process of a massive updating overhaul, so yeah...
I'm obviously open to critique, amongst other things discussion. I'm willing to do whatever is needed to assist anybody on these wikias, though I'm never asked. :P
"If you're an intern at Nickelodeon, I'm a janitor at Disney World." -Anonymous Friend of mine.
I will never have a clue as to why they call it "creepypasta"...
Creepypasta, editing, writing, Video Games, MLP (Yes, I'm a brony. Deal with it.), being social, food, etc.
Trollpasta, Vandalism, people stealing my characters and etc., disrespect, Direct Rip-offs, Conservatism, and religion. (I have no problem with other people liking/believing it, but I don't like/believe in it. NO OFFENSE.)
I have no idea why I made two separate sections for my likes and dislikes, but I do everything on a whim, so...
===Favorite Bands[]===
Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Suicide Silence, Marilyn Manson, Ephixa, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, All Time Low, Of Mice and Men, and I guess technically WoodenToaster and H8 Seed.
===Particular Favorite Songs===
Rainbow Factory, Awoken, Lost Woods Dubstep Remix, Turret Error, King for a Day, A Match into Water, You Only Live Once, Wake Up, This is Halloween, Kidnap the Sandy Claws, Second and Sebring, Buried Alive, Weightless, A Love Like War, Dead Walker Texas Ranger, If You Can't Hang, Reptille, All Nightmare Long, Freak on a Leash. There are a ton of others. These are just particulars that came through my head.
===Favorite Games===
Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda (TP, SS, OoT, MM), Poke'mon Diamond/Pearl (Not much into Black/White), The Elder Scrolls, Fallout (New Vegas), Resident Evil (Zero, Four, Five)
I'm an Eminophreziac. And proud. I was diagnosed by Dr. Metafawker. :)
I don't like judgment. I don't like disrespect. I don't like vandalism. Remember these three things, in particular, and ye shalt stay on my good side.
Awe, true to Caesar.
I find interests in a many a different cultures, even the weirdest of things is something I seek to learn of. You will hear me say something is truly disturbing or screwed up. I've seen things that are truly from the bowels of the internet, knocked on Death's door a couple times, and shook hands with Slenderman. Not much can get me to judge or say that something is screwed up.
"Sanity? I don't recall having that to begin with!" -CalasanX (Me.)
I'm a nice person. Very nice. Insane, but nice. I don't bite. Hard. I will treat you like a human being. Unless you aren't a human being. Then I will treat you like what you are.

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